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Spirit of the Buffalo Pow-Wow Wows Crowd

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Spirit of the Buffalo Pow-Wow Wows Crowd

By James Coulter

Katrina Fisher is part Plains and Creek Indian. For the past five years, she has been attending the annual Spirit of the Buffalo Pow-Wow in Auburndale to demonstrate her traditional indigenous practices.

Every year, she sets up her teepee, starts an open campfire, and showcases her quilts, fur pelts, and other indigenous tools and memorabilia. She discusses many aspects of her heritage, including the fur trade, cooking, and the Hudson Bay Company. She especially highlights the importance of women in those aspects of indigenous culture.

Aside from being able to share her culture, Fisher also enjoys the pow-wow because it gives her a chance to visit her children in Florida and escape the snow and cold from up north. She loves the overall sense of community the pow-wow provides.

“I have been coming here for the past four to five years,” she explained. “I am grateful to be here among other indigenous people where we are like a community here…I am proud of who we are, who I am, and what my family is. I love talking to people and sharing with them certain things. If they get something out of it, that is fine.”

The Spirit of the Buffalo Pow-Wow hosted its annual event last weekend and will be hosting it again this weekend at International Market World in Auburndale. For more than two decades, this annual pow-wow has drawn indigenous people from across the state, country, and even the world to share their culture and heritage. The event includes demonstrations, song and dance numbers, and vendor and food trucks.

Randy Endicott is from Battle Creek, Mich. He creates contemporary native artwork, mostly portraits and abstract artwork. He creates his art to help others learn more about indigenous culture and spirituality.

This year was his first attending Spirit of the Buffalo. He was invited by a close personal friend. He enjoyed being able to connect with other people, especially those of similar indigenous backgrounds.

“I love to be able to share my culture with others,” he said. “It is a meaningful thing for me, for myself and others to give them [a piece of myself.]”

Another vendor, a business called Sunka Beads, creates and sells bead artwork and other crafts inspired by native American culture. The couple involved, her husband is Taino, so most of their work is inspired by his side of the family.

“We have been here twice,” she said. “We decided to come back because we love it around here. We love the weather. Just what is in our minds, that is what inspires our artwork.”

Spirit of the Buffalo Pow Wow is being hosted between Fri. Feb. 2 and Sun. Feb. 4. The event is hosted at International Market World, located at 1052 US Hwy 92 W, Auburndale, FL 33823.

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