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Easy Christmas Pretzels

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Easy Christmas Pretzels

By Allison Williams

Simple holiday treats for Christmas – that is exactly what these Christmas pretzels are. Only a few ingredients needed and they look great!

Image source: Love From The Oven

Ingredients :

  • Pretzels
  • Hershey kisses
  • M&Ms
  • Holiday sprinkles
  • Parchment paper


First preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Tear off a sheet of parchment paper and lay it across a pan or cookie sheet. Next, place your pretzels on top of the parchment paper. On top of each pretzel, place a hersey kiss.

After you do this, bake them in the oven for a short period – only about 4 to 6 minutes. The goal is to get the hersey kisses to melt slightly so that they are soft. *The key is soft, not completely melted. Remove pan or sheet from oven.

Place an m&m (red or green for Christmas) on top of each soft hersey kiss Add holiday sprinkles. Allow a few mintues for the hersey kisses to cool, then place them in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

Bam! You are done. Enjoy!

Now for the fun part…You can adjust the simple recipe and make them how YOU want them. You may want to use regular m&ms or you might want to try a diffent m&m for the center, such as a caramel m&m or dark chocolate m&m. The sky is the limit.

Not a fan of sprinkles? No problem. They taste great without too. It is just all personal preference.

To make them look super “Christmas-y” use red and green m&ms only and red & green sprinkles.

Happy Holidays from Cooking on the Ridge!

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