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Wahneta Man Arrested After Beating Victim on Head With Gun

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If you were wondering why the PCSO SWAT team was on Palmetto Ridge Drive in Wahneta Friday night, this is why. Juan “Lizard” Ballesteroz was on a mission to hurt people, steal people’s things, and barricade himself in a house (not his) to the point where law enforcement had to force him out and make an arrest.

March 25, 2024 briefing – Sheriff Grady Judd:

Juan “Lizard” Ballesteroz

“Friday was a calm day in Wahneta, Florida until this guy went nuts. His nickname says it all. His nickname is “Lizard” Juan Ballesteroz. He’s 45. He’s already been to prison for attempted second degree murder and aggravated battery. He spent about 10 years. He didn’t appreciate freedom so here’s the story:

Victim 1 goes to victim 2’s house to do some yard work. Victim 2 knows Lizard. Lizard came over in order to eat some breakfast. Victim 1 is using yard tools that is making noise, and all of a sudden Lizard gets paranoid and panicked. I’m (Sheriff Judd) guessing he’s probably using meth, so he gets to throwing a fit. Our victim 2 is trying to calm him down and victim 1 leaves.

Lizard makes victim 2 get in the car to go look for victim 1 and as they are driving around they see our victim 1. They all live on the same street. Immediately Lizard jumps out and starts beating victim 1 in the top of the head with a gun saying, “You stole my laptop. You stole my laptop.” Our victim doesn’t know what he is talking about. He points gun at victim. There is a victim 3 that gets into it.

Long story short he holds up in victim 2’s mobile home and won’t come out. Sheriff’s office obviously quickly identifies him. After several hours of not coming out we got a search warrant and an arrest warrant and our SWAT team took him out of the house peacefully. No shots fired. Just a little bit of chemical agent in the house is all it took. Carjacking, armed robbery with a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, among a lot of other charges. Total of 3 victims. He’s in jail.”

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