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Auburndale Police Department Alerts Public About Circulating Counterfeit Money

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Heads up! The Auburndale Police Department wants to alert everyone about circulating counterfeit money. Recently, there have been incidences involving “Motion Picture” currency, so be extra cautious.

Here’s a quick reminder to stay vigilant when handling cash. If your bills have “MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” on them, they’re not legal tender. To be safe, consider using money markers – they’re affordable and available online.

If you come across any counterfeit money, reach out to us at Auburndale Police Department. Remember, our lobby is always open if you need a safe meeting spot. Let’s keep our community informed and secure!

Check out this link provided by US Secret Service for a better understanding of current United States currency:

KnowYourMoney.pdf (secretservice.gov)

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