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New Local Agricultural T-Shirt and Merchandise Company Launches in Polk County

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New Local Agricultural T-Shirt and Merchandise Company Launches in Polk County

By Allison Williams

Garrison Life LLC is a t-shirt and merchandise company inspired by the agricultural and grower community. Joe Garrison, founder and owner of Garrison Life is dedicated to making a difference in the community with his newly launched company.

Garrison Life LLC

“What we hope to accomplish here is to bring recognition to our agriculture community,” Garrison said. “I’m also a citrus grower myself. The shirts we offer will hopefully inspire people to eat citrus, strawberries and blueberries.”

When making a purchase from Garrison Life, you are contributing to a great cause. “We give some of the money from our shirts and other products to my local non-profit,” Garrison said.

Garrison runs a non-profit organization raising chickens, and every egg is given to charities in the county to feed the hungry and less fortunate. He donates the eggs to churches, food banks and other organizations in need. 

Along with the agricultural merchandise, Garrison Life also offers Judd Life apparel. Though these shirts are for fun, they go much deeper than that, as Garrison explains their underlying meaning. 

“If you do drugs or sell drugs, you know you’re going to be put in jail, and that’s right where you need to be,” he said. “I can tell you through personally knowing Grady Judd, it is his sole mission every day when he wakes up to protect our kids, protect our elderly, and rid this county of drugs.”

He wants to remind everyone to stay vigilant. If you see something, say something. A percentage of the Judd Life sales goes right back into the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Charities.

“This money that we raise for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Charities goes directly to help physically and sexually abused young women,” Garrison said. “The money goes toward rehabilitation and counseling of these women. It is important for me to empower young women to be independent, strong and not be dependent on anyone except for themselves because they too can be future business leaders in our community. How did I come to that conclusion? Well, I have a beautiful daughter and I also have 16 of the strongest most independent women working for me that you will ever find.”

Raven Mundy created the images for the Judd Life merchandise. She actually created these images from press conferences that Grady Judd had. She says the shirts are a way to honor the amazing job our sheriff does to keep our citizens safe.

Judd Life T-shirt
Judd Life Hat

Every purchase with Garrison Life, whether it is an agriculture-based product or a Judd Life product, is meaningful and gives back to the community in some way.

Both Garrison Life and Judd Life are trademarked. Garrison, along with other team members worked hard to make this dream come to fruition. In addition to the images for Judd Life, Raven Mundy is also the creator of the Garrison Life website. She dedicated her time to perfecting the website. This business is important to her.

“I’m most proud because the agricultural business is installed in me,” Mundy said. “Garrison owns citrus and it is important for us to protect our agriculture because that’s how America eats.”

I was lucky enough to be the artist behind the strawberry and blueberry artwork, as well as the orange tree and lemon tree artwork. I agree with both Garrison and Mundy. The purpose behind Garrison life is extremely meaningful, and I am honored to have played a small part in this journey.

Blueberry Life
Strawberry Life
Grove Life

Garrison Life plans to expand its products, so stay tuned. You can find the current merchandise for sale here: 

Garrison Life Merchandise

The youth is so important to our community and Garrison focuses on not only giving back to his community but also on supporting our youth. 

“One of the goals here is educating the youth,” Garrison said. “The young people and teenagers who you see in the photos are actually working the business with me and working the booths. We are teaching them business skills and people skills that they need to learn.” 

Mundy added, “Hopefully the images you see here will promote people to support agriculture more. The pictures were taken right here in Polk County at farms of our local ag producers.”

These young workers will be at an upcoming event working side by side with Garrison and Mundy.         

Upcoming event:

Jeepin’ With Judd will take place Feb. 23-25 at Clear Springs Ranch in Bartow. Garrison Life staff members will be at the event selling merchandise to the attendees. They will also be launching a new Judd life shirt for the event. 

Now what are you waiting for? Check out Garrison Life LLC and all it has to offer. You won’t be disappointed. 

Website: https://garrisonlifellc.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Garrisonlifellc

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