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Winter Haven Assures Residents of Ongoing Recycling Services

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Winter Haven Assures Residents of Ongoing Recycling Services
Winter Haven, FL – In light of recent developments regarding Polk County’s decision to end recycling services in October 2024, the City of Winter Haven wishes to clarify and assure its residents that the city’s recycling services will continue uninterrupted.
The City of Winter Haven remains dedicated to environmental sustainability and will continue to provide both trash and recycling services to its residents. Households within the city limits, identifiable by their distinctive blue and green cans, will continue to have their recyclables taken to a dedicated recycling facility. This process ensures that recyclable materials are not directed to landfills like regular garbage.
We understand there has been confusion among residents, especially in areas where City and County services are in close proximity or even across the street from each other. To determine whether you are served by the City or the County, please check the color of your waste cans. The City of Winter Haven uses blue and green cans, while the County provides black and grey cans. Both services stamp their logo on the cans, as well.
It’s important to emphasize that the County’s decision to end recycling services does not impact the City of Winter Haven’s services.
For more information, visit our website or contact our Public Works Department at 863-291-5260.
City of Winter Haven Recycling Services
Located in the heart of Florida, the City of Winter Haven operates an effective Solid Waste Division, committed to maintaining the City’s beauty through efficient waste management. This division handles regular trash collection, recycling collection, brush collection, and bulk collection for both residents and commercial operations. The team ensures a clean, sustainable environment for the community. Winter Haven’s dedication to streamlined and responsible waste management is a testament to its commitment to quality of life and environmental sustainability
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