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New Year’s Resolution – Finding a Health Plan Through Open Enrollment May Be Your Best Decision All Year 

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New Year’s Resolution – Finding a Health Plan Through Open Enrollment May Be Your Best Decision All Year 

Are you starting to create your New Year’s resolution checklist for 2024?

Hit the gym or shed some pounds? Check.

Save some money or go back to school? Check.

Get a new job or take that long dreamed of vacation? Check.  

Get health insurance and avoid a potential financial pitfall? 

Wait. What?? 

Most people would never add health insurance to the New Year’s resolution list, but if you’re among the 12% of Floridians who don’t currently have health insurance, there’s no better time to make and keep that resolution – which could be one of the smartest and easiest financial decisions you make all year.    

By now, most people have likely seen advertisements everywhere –billboards, television, social media, even in the mailbox heralding the “Open Enrollment” registration window.  

But what exactly is “Open Enrollment?” Don’t most people already have health insurance? I’m young, healthy and on a limited income. Do I really need it? 

Lack of health insurance can have devastating financial consequences on individuals or young and growing families. But that doesn’t mean Floridians can’t – or shouldn’t – be able to easily get the coverage they need to protect themselves and their families. 

And, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, a health insurance solution could come at no or limited cost because income-based subsidies and reduced out-of-pocket expenses are now available to assist with the costs of comprehensive health coverage. This can help remove the obstacle of cost for many.

The open enrollment period for Individual and Family Plans now runs Dec.16-Jan.15 for a Feb. 1 start date. After visiting healthcare.gov, the process isn’t complicated to navigate nor difficult to choose a plan that’s right for an individual or family.    

While you’re thinking about 2024, now is the perfect time to get online and do some research – or contact a local health insurance provider to understand what plan and pricing would be best for you. 

Everyone deserves to be protected when it comes to your health and finances, and obtaining health insurance doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Open Enrollment may be the fastest and easiest resolution you’ve ever made – and kept.

-Matt Gerrell, President of Brevard County-based Health First Health Plans

Health First Health Plans open enrollment
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