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City of Winter Haven Passes Final Approval of 116-Acre Residential Subdivision

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City of Winter Haven Passes Final Approval of 116-Acre Residential Subdivision

by James Coulter

At their meeting on Monday evening, Winter Haven City Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to approve the final plat of the proposed 116-acre Villamar residential subdivision, which is planned to contain 443 lots for single-family residential properties.

Located east and west of Rialto Road and east of the CSX railroad line, the Villamar Subdivision contains “443 building lots and 16 common lots consisting of stormwater management areas,” and a “total of 80 feet of right-of-way for Rialto Road and Tract K,” according to the city staff memo.

“All water, reuse, and sewer utilities will be owned and maintained by the City, while all drainage conveyances, internal roadways, and street lighting will be maintained by the CDD,” the memo explains. “Rialto Road, and its associated street lighting, will be maintained by the City.”

The overall subdivision will have an estimated taxable value of $110 million and generate approximately $729,843 per year in ad valorem revenues from the city, the memo states.

City Manager T. Michael Stavres mentioned how the subdivision had been planned to be done in two separate phases, but had since been combined into one phase, which will take approximately a year and a half to complete.

Commissioner Brian Yates mentioned how the construction project to widen Thompson Nursery Road will be within the vicinity of the subdivision. He asked if the road rerouting would be affected by it. Stavres replied that the right of way within the plat borders the proposed project.

“The main flow of traffic, once this all gets done, is anticipated to all flow out onto Thompson Nursery Road, and, at this point, back to the northeast until such a time Thompson Nursery Road is extended across the railroad tracks and out to the west toward Rifle Range Road,” he said.

A motion to approve the resolution was made and seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

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