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Sen. Marco Rubio Rallies Republicans at Lake Ashton Political Rally 

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Sen. Marco Rubio Rallies Republicans at Lake Ashton Political Rally

By James Coulter

America is teetering on the brink of destruction with politicians dead-set on destroying the country, and only by voting in droves can Republican voters save it, so claimed Senator Marco Rubio during a recent political rally in Winter Haven.

On Monday evening, Rubio visited Polk County to attend a rally hosted by the Lake Ashton Republican Party at the Lake Ashton Health & Fitness Center. The event drew in several hundred attendees, including city and county officials.

Rubio served as the main guest speaker, with several other city and county political officials and candidates also speaking to express their support for the senator and his re-election.

Sen. Rubio spoke about how the county was spinning out of control due to runaway inflation, high gas prices, and a border that is “completely out of control.” He warned if the same people currently in charge remain in charge, that they will destroy the country. For that reason, he argued, voters need to turn out and vote for a Republican majority.

Rubio insisted that a country is only strong when it has two “serious” political parties. The Democratic Party, he argued, is not a “serious” party, as it consists mostly of what he calls “laptop liberals”—affluent voters who live in “gated communities” and do not care about issues that affect others—and “Marxist misfits”—people who riot and spread chaos through civil unrest. Only a Republican majority could counter them, he argued.

“I know if the people who are in power will remain in power, the nation our children will inherit will not bet better: it will be worst—like China, and the world will not be a better place if they [China] become the most powerful country,” he said.

Lake Wales Mayor Jack Hilligoss opened the ceremony by mentioning how this year’s Election Day fell upon a lunar eclipse, or a “blood moon.” He argued Republicans were facing an administration that was “anti-God, anti-human, anti-work, and anti-American.” The solution, he insisted, was for Republican voters to turn out and vote.

“So not only will the moon turn red, America needs to turn red,” he said.

Jill Sessions, a school board candidate, claimed she wanted to be voted on the school board so that she could have county schools focus more on teaching children reading, writing, and arithmetic and less about gender and race theory.

“Children do not need to know about pronouns or Critical Race Theory,” she asserted.

Martha Santiago, District 4 Commissioner, called Rubio an “influential and effective senator” who was able to “get things done.” She had also made great progress as a county commissioner, and she urged voters to let her continue making progress for four more years.

“We the people know how to get things done…[and] that is what I am doing,” she said.

Sam Killebrew, District 41 in the Florida House of Representatives, felt he was “preaching to the choir” about how great Rubio was, and all he could say was for everyone at the rally to go out and vote.

“You all know how great Marco is,” he said. “He is one of those people who we need to have in D.C.”

Florida State Senator Kelli Stargel supports Rubio because he stands for “common sense” principles like her, like how “women [should] play sports against women and men play sports against men.”

Undoubtedly, the most anticipated speaker that evening, aside from Rubio himself, was the honorable Sheriff Grady Judd. He boasted about how Polk County has been experiencing a 50-year decline in crime, while other cities across the country have experienced recent spikes in crime.

He argued so many cities, from Portland to New York City, were experiencing high crime rates because their politicians did not value the safety and security of their constituents. While many politicians fear the cops “lock up too many prisoners”, Sheriff Judd proudly declared how his officers “will lock you up if you break the law.”

“If you do not feel safe going to the store, elect the people like they do in California,” he said. “But if you want to feel safe, then you will re-elect Marco Rubio…and Ron DeSantis.”

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