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Winter Haven Police Investigating Shooting Over Weekend

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Winter Haven Police are investigating a shooting over the weekend that was domestic related.

On Saturday (10/29/22) at approximately 10:30 p.m., officers responded to a report of a shooting at the Abbey Lane Apartments (100 Evergreen Place, SW) in Winter Haven. The victim of the shooting had been transported to Winter Haven Health with two gunshot wounds. An argument occurred between Olivia Marie Dorleans and the victim when Ouslo Dorleans (Olivia’s brother) began arguing with the victim as well. Ouslo shot the victim striking him twice.  
29 year-old Ouslo Elijah Dorleans, Jr. (DOB 2-3-93) was charged with Aggravated Battery (F2) and 31 year-old Olivia Marie Dorleans (DOB 10/21/91) was charged with Battery (M1). 
The shooting victim remains in the hospital and the condition is unknown at the time of this release.
(The redacted affidavits as per Marsy’s law are as follows)

It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Winter Haven Police Department. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. Winter Haven Daily does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to your own conclusion.

“On 10/29/2022 at approximately 2231 hours, Winter Haven Police Department (WHPD) officers responded to a 9-1-1 call regarding a shooting of a person at the Abbey Lane Apartments, located at 100 Evergreen Place SW

in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida 33880. As officers responded to the scene, the victim,

(REDACTED), arrived at the Winter Haven Hospital, located at 200 Avenue F NE. in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida 33801.

At approximately 1059 hours, I was contacted by supervision and instructed to respond to the Winter Haven Hospital to attempt contact with the victim for the purpose of conducting an interview with him. Upon my arrival, I learned the victim sustained a gunshot wound to his right arm and left leg. The victim was sedated with

pain medication prior to arrival of detectives, preventing an interview of the vicum. Persons/witnesses who transported the victim to the hospital from the scene remained in the parking lot of the hospital and spoke with detectives upon their arrIval.

(REDACTED) provided a sworn recorded interview to detectives. (REDACTED) stated she was with (REDACTED) in the parking lot of the Abbey Lane Apartments when the

victim’s children’s mother, (REDACTED), approached and engaged the victim in a verbal altercation. (REDACTED) stated (REDACTED)‘s brother, (REDACTED), was also present in the apartment complex and engaged the victim, in additional verbal exchange. (REDACTED) said during the argument, she heard several gunshots sounding from the area where (REDACTED) had been seen by her. (REDACTED) advised there were approximately 5 to 6 gunshots fired.

(REDACTED) and (REDACTED) returned to a vehicle they arrived to the apartment complex in and (REDACTED) told (REDACTED) he had been shot and needed to respond to the hospital for his injunes. (REDACTED) said she observed blood in the areas indicated by (REDACTED) and they were driven to the hospital by (REDACTED)

owner of the vehicle (REDACTED) and (REDACTED) arrived to the complex in. (REDACTED) said upon arrival, she and others in the vehicle helped the victim, (REDACTED) into the hospital entrance where he was accepted for medical treatment. (REDACTED) confirmed she witnessed blood on (REDACTED) person and clothing, supporung the claims that he had been shot. 

(REDACTED) provided a sworn recorded interview to detectives. (REDACTED) advised she was the owner of the 2016 Hyundai Utility vehicle, bearing VIN (REDACTED) and 2023 Florida tag (REDACTED), that (REDACTED)

drove  to the hospital in. (REDACTED) stated she drove (REDACTED).

Upon arrival, (REDACTED) said (REDACTED) approached and engaged him in a

heated argument. As the argument between (REDACTED) and (REDACTED) continued to intensify, (REDACTED)‘a brother (REDACTED) began shouting at (REDACTED) as well. 

(REDACTED) said within moments of the arguing, she heard what sounded as gunshots, approximately five (5) to six (6) shots coming from the direction of where (REDACTED) had been standing. As (REDACTED) looked

towards (REDACTED), she observed several muzzle flashes from where (REDACTED) was located. (REDACTED) later confirmed she had known (REDACTED) since 2006 and knew him to be the brother of (REDACTED), whom (REDACTED)  has several children with. (REDACTED) was also shown a prior booking

photograph (#2017-000108 for REDACTED) from Polk County Jail for (REDACTED), which (REDACTED) confirmed was in fact the person she saw arguing with the victim at the same time she heard the gunshots sounding

(REDACTED) provided a sworn recorded interview to detectives as well.

(REDACTED) advised he was present at the complex with (REDACTED)

(REDACTED) advised as they arrived in the same vehicle, (REDACTED) approached and engaged the victim in a heated argument.

(REDACTED) stated another male, also engaged

(REDACTED) the argument prior to (REDACTED) hearing gunshots sounding from the area where 

where the male was standing away from the group he was with. 

Based on the above information, detectives located Ouslo Dorleans Jr in an apartment at (REDACTED) in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida 33880, which is in the Abbey Lane Apartments Complex. Ouslo Dorleans Jr was taken into custody and transported to the Winter Haven Police Department (WHPD) station.

At approximately 0146 hours on 10/30/2022, I conducted a custodial sworn recorded interview with Ouslo Dorleans Jr in the interview room of the WHPD station booking area. Post Miranda Warning, Dorleans Jr agreed to speak with me without a lawyer present, and consented to the collection of gunshot residue (GSR) from his

person (hands). Dorleans Jr signed and completed a waiver form consenting to the search of GSR from his person. During the interview, Ouslo Dorleans Jr denied any knowledge regarding the shooting that took place in the Abbey Lane Apartments Complex on 10/29/2022 at approximately 2231 hours. Dorleans Jr said he heard gunshots outside while he played video games in apartment (REDACTED), but he did not see who did the shooting and denied being a participant.

Ouslo Elijah Dorleans Jr (b/m, dob: 02/03/1993) was taken into custody and charged with F.S.S.784.045 –

Aggravated battery – a felony of the second degree.”

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