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Convicted Murderer In Violation Of Parole Arrested In Winter Haven 

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It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by Polk County Sheriff’s Office. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. Winter Haven Daily does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to your own conclusion.

On 9/15/22 Deputy Ford, Deputy Galloway, Deputy Nelson, Sgt. Brown and I responded to 1450 35th St NW in reference to possible trespassing in a home. Upon arrival, I came into contact with several subjects who advised they lived there with the knowledge of the owner. Upon getting everyones information and conmpleting a WEBQ check, I noticed one of the subject had no info come back. The subject provide a name of Marcus Hayes with a date of birth of 4/17/78.

When speaking to the subject, I noticed he looked down every time and would not show his face. The subject then started acting as if he had a disability and would not provide his social secuity number. I contacted the RTCC requesting information on the name given at which time they advised no one in the USA had that name and DOB. The subject eventually provided an address of (redacted) which was suppose to be his mother’s home. Upon Sgt. Brown and Deputy Galloway’s arrival at (redacted), the mother was showed a picture of the subject I was with at which time she stated thats my son, Robert Ivory.

A WEBQ query revealed the subject I was with was Robert Ivory. A Crime Information Center check revealed Robert Ivory had an outstanding warrant from Arkansas for parole violation on first degree murder. 

When Robert was informed he had an active warrant he stopped talking. When attempting to grab Robert’s wrist to place him into cuffs, he became angry and starting resisitng arrest. Robert kicked D/S Ford’s knee while trying to place him in handcuffs. Robert began tensing and bracing up while attempting to place him into handcuffs after being told numerous times to stop resisting. 

While trying to walk Robert to the car he continued to refuse to comply with verbal commands by not walking and dragging his feet on the ground.

Robert was eventually secured into handcuffs at which time he dropped the impaired speech and admitted his name was Robert Ivory.

Robert was transported to Winter Haven Hospital for shoulder pain from prior injuries.

Robert was charged with resisting arrest with violence, false info to leo and resisting without violence.

Arkansas Parole Board confirmed extradition on Robert Ivory for the parole violation under OC #105579.
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