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Orlando Man Charged With 2 Counts Of Attempted Murder After Winter Haven Shooting Thursday Night

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An Orlando man, William William Kareem Blake Jr (11/12/1997) has been charged with 2 counts of Attempted Murder. The shooting took place, Thursday Night, near the Longhorn Steakhouse in Winter Haven

It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Winter Haven Police Department. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. Winter Haven Daily does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to your own conclusion.

On August 25, 2022. I. Detective Cobb. was called out by Winter Haven Police Department Investigative Service  Bureau Supervision in reference to WHPD case number 2022-4859 which was a shooting (person) which

occurred near the Longhorn located at 875 1st Street, Winter Haven. FL. 33880. 

During my investigation, It was learned that Winter Haven Police Department Officers responded to Longhorn Restaurant in reference to a shooting. It was learned that the victims and suspect got into a verbal argument over

a traffic crash which occurred because the victim and suspect were attempting to pull into the same parking spot. During the initial argument, the victims advised that the suspect brandished a black firearm which was held inside of a bag which was slung across the suspect’s chest. The victims advised that they left the immediate area and called 911 while still keeping eyes on the suspect. The victims advised that dispatch told them to get a tag number for the suspect vehicle. The victims drove past the suspect vehicle (described as a

grey Kia SUV) while exiting the parking lot and obtained a tag number of LP17709. The victims advised that as they were driving towards the exit of the parking lot, the suspect began shooting at their vehicle which caused their vehicle windows to break. The female victim advised that she believed that she was shot in the face due to the fact that blood immediately began pouring out of her face after the shots were fired. The female victim advised that she observed the suspect holding a black gun during the original altercation but did not look at the suspect during the shooting. The female victim stated that she believed the suspect may have had two guns due to how quickly the gunshots were occurring. The male victim advised that he observed the suspect shooting at their vehicle with two guns (one in each hand) and that one of the guns was silver.

The female victim suffered a laceration to the right side of her face and the male victim suffered a laceration to his left hand. When asked if they were in fear for their life, both victims advised that they were. Both victims stated that they did want to pursue charges in reference to this incident Winter Haven Police Department Crime Scene Investigators responded and processed the victim’s vehicle which resulted in the location of one apparent projectile and multiple fragments inside of the vehicle as well as multiple apparent bullet holes on the exterior.

At approximatelv 1840 hours. Lake Alfred Police Officers observed the possible suspect

vehicle driving northbound on US 17/92. A traffic stop was conducted on the 2017 Kia SUV PA TAG #LP17709 and contact was made with the driver who was identired as William Blake Jr (B/M. 11/12/1997.

A show-up was conducted with the male victim who identified Blake as the defendant in this case. A Post-Miranda interview was conducted with Blake who confirmed that he was at Longhorn but denied shooting at the victims. Blake did advise that there was a gun in a bag inside of the vehicle that belonged to his girlfriend, however, he was unable to advise what type of gun it was.

A search warrant was signed and approved by Honorable Judge Harb for the suspect vehicle. A subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in the location of one (1) black Chortau Dash Camera, one (1) black Taurus G3 Handgun, one (1) Silver Raven Arms 25 Caliber handgun, I spent casing for a 9mm, and I spent casing for a .25 caliber (Which were both located near the windshield wipers on the exterior of the vehicle).

Another search warrant was signed and approved by Honorable Judge Harb for the dash cam recovered from the defendant’s vehicle. However, that video was unable to be reviewed at this time. 

Based on the above facts, William Kareem Blake Jr (B/M, 11/12/1997) was arrested and charged with two (2) counts of Attempted Second Degree Murder (F.S.5.782.04), shootings into an occupied vehicle (F.S.S.790.19′

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