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Scam Alert- Fraudulent Amazon Caller Convinces Winter Haven Woman To Ship $18,000 Through UPS To Investigate Fraudulent Purchase

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Winter Haven, Florida-

Winter Haven Police: The scammers just never stop, and once again we have a victim who lost a substantial amount of money.
Our victim stated that she received a phone call from a male who identified himself and stated he worked for Amazon. The male told our victim that someone had fraudulently purchased a $1,500 Apple computer under her account. The caller advised that the victim would be receiving another phone call from Amazon Investigations Department to further instruct her on what to do.
She received another phone call and the caller identified himself as being with Amazon Investigations. She was instructed to obtain more than $18,000 and ship the money through UPS to a provided address in order for Amazon to investigate. Unfortunately, the caller was so convincing that our victim followed through with the instructions and shipped the money.
Our investigators continue to follow up to, hopefully, find a resolution for our victim.
We cannot stress it enough that should anyone receive a call stating money must be shipped for “an investigation”, do not immediately follow through. Call someone to confirm – even if it’s law enforcement. Ask someone if this sounds right. 99.9% of the time, it’s not.
Spread the word, especially to our vulnerable population who can be swayed more easily. If anyone has had this same incident occur, send an inbox message letting us know.

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