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Community Volunteers Come Together To Restore Vandalized LifeChoice Pregnancy Center

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Earlier this week, LifeChoice Pregnancy Center was vandalized following the overturn of Row v Wade.
Lyndsy Flanagan is the Development Director of LifeChoice Pregnancy Center, which is located at 235 E Central Avenue.

Flanagan said that an angry group of people targeted the facility earlier this week after the overturn of Roe v Wade.

Instead of putting their heads down and being upset over it, they turned the experience into a positive one after the community came together to support them.

“A local church (Winter Haven Worship Center) came on Monday morning to start painting at 8am, and we were seeing clients by 11am,” Flanagan said.

Executive Pastor of Winter Haven Worship Center, Jason Hughes, believes in helping those in need such as the LifeChoice Pregnancy Center and was happy to step in to help.

“LifeChoice Pregnancy Center is a great organization that cares for all women who have concerns with pregnancy,” Hughes said. “Our church believes in making a difference in our community and after the unfortunate vandalism that occurred to the LifeChoice building, we wanted to help in any way that we could. A team of 20 people was quickly organized and we were able to paint their entire building, helping to remove any signs of vandalism. We believe that our city and communities are stronger when we help each other.”

Having the community come together to support a crisis in the community, such as the events that took place at the LifeChoice facility, is very special to members of Winter Haven Worship Center, as well as to the members who spend their time helping others at the LifeChoice Pregnancy Center.

“Our community, our supporters, everyone has played a major role in stepping in to make sure we felt loved, supported and safe,” Flanagan said. “Our building looks better than before – and we have a full week of clients coming in who NEED our services; we believe this is just the beginning.”

LifeChoice has grown stronger as a whole. They are very grateful for all of the community support.

“We are stronger now because we know now more than ever that our community stands with us in helping women and children in our city,” Flanagan said. What we do has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with PEOPLE. We will continue to love our community by providing the resources they need.” 

She added, “LifeChoice is a Pregnancy Resource Center that offers free pregnancy tests, Ultrasounds, Options Counseling, Adoption Referrals, Men’s Services, Parenting Classes, and Post Abortion Counseling.”

Her message to all:
“I hope that if you didn’t know we were here in the community and you now know, that you get involved in what we do. It’s important that we work together as a community to keep resources like LifeChoice available to those in need.”

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