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Winter Haven Police Arrest Man For Domestic Abuse While On Pre-Trial Release Charged With Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon

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It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Winter Haven Police Department. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. Winter Haven Daily does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to your own conclusion.

On June 11, 2022 at approximately 2359 hours, the defendant, Daniel Ray Sturgill (W/M; DOB: 07/23/1991) knowingly and intentionally battered the victim. (Redacted), across the street from her residence on the dock located at (redacted). Winter Haven. Polk County. Florida 33881.
The victim and defendant have known each other for 3 to 4 years and dates for approximately 2 to 3 months then broke up and were not in contact for approximately two years until just recently in the beginning of May of this year. The victim and defendant dated for approximately 3 weeks
and the defendant has been staying at the victim’s residence sleeping on the couch. Although they were intimate, the defendant and victim did not reside
together as a family unit nor shared any children in common making this case not domestic in nature.
The victim came into the Winter Haven Police Department located at 125 Lake Silver Dr. Winter Haven. Polk County, Florida 33881 on June 13, 2022
approximately 1013 hours to report the incident. The victim advised she and the defendant were arguing over the defendant giving bacK the victim’s
keys to her truck, at which time, the defendant knowingly and intentionally struck the victim against her will on the right side of her face with an open hand.
The victim advised she did not report the incident immediately because she was “dumb.”
The victim also advised the defendant had vacated her premises a week prior to the incident.
The victim did not suffer any visible injuries. There are no witnesses in this case.
A query was conducted with FCIC/NCIC to verify if the defendant has any prior convictions for battery, which I was advised he has one prior conviction for battery on February 12, 2019 from Bartow Police Department in case, 532018MM011150A000 BA. FCIC/NCIC also advised the defendant has had two protection orders served against him as well as a Risk Protection Order against him.
Contact was made with Probation and Parole in Bartow, Florida, which contact was made with Andrew
Edmond, who advised the defendant is not on probation but is on Pre-Trial Release and is wearing an ankle monitor bracelet, which Edmond advised the defendant has been traveling throughout Lakeland.
A complaint affidavit was completed and faxed to FCIC/NCIC.
On June 13, 2022 at approximately 1551 hours, the defendant came back to the victim’s residence and was sitting around the street sitting near the dock. Please see above the complaint affidavit that I had written earlier today.
Contact was made with the defendant, who I recognized from his WebQ photograph. I unholstered my taser and advised the defendant to turn around and place his hands on the ground, which he complied. The defendant advised that he did nothing wrong. The defendant was secured at the scene in handcuffs. The defendant advised he has proof on his cellphone the victim struck him, which law enforcement allowed the defendant to have the
opportunity to present the text messages; however, the defendant was observed deleting text messages instead. The defendant requested to leave his property in the kayak which was left deep in the bushes across the victim’s residence. The defendant advised all his property was inside the kayak.
On the way to the processing center, the
defendant advised he should have “beat the shit out of her” and yelled at me stating “You’re a real piece of shit.” The defendant continued to be belligerent during transportation.
The defendant was charged with one count of battery-prior conviction.


The previous affidavit from June 14, 2022 advised the suspect was on pre-trial release. The suspect was arrested on May 9, 2022 for an incident that took place on November 22, 2021. The incident left the suspect Danial Sturgill shot after he allegedly pulled a gun and shot at multiple people. The affidavit is below:

On November 22, 2021, the defendant, Daniel Ray Sturgill (W/M DOB 07/23/1991), did intentionally threaten, by act to do harm to the victims, (Redacted); coupled with the apparent ability to do so, as the defendant was in possession of a firearm at time of incident. The defendant’s actions created a well-founded fear in the victim(s) of imminent danger.
The following information was obtained through interview(s) and investigation in support of probable cause that the defendant did intentionally and willfully violate Florida State Statute 784:
On November 21, 2021, the victims, (Redacted), learned from a family member, who
resides at (redacted) that a male subject, later identified as the defendant, had been parked on their property, which shares an easement with the residence located at (redacted), for
approximately four days and alleged to have threatened to do harm to the grandfather.
Upon learning of the above allegations, the victims, (Redacted?, responded to (redacted), which
shares an easement with (redacted) where they observed the defendant parked in the driveway. While at the property, a verbal altercation occurred between the defendant and the victims, and law enforcement responded. Upon arrival of law enforcement, both parties were advised that the incident was civil in nature. Although (redacted) alleged that the defendant made a comment that he was waiting for a part to come in to fix his truck and he would be leaving tomorrow (November 22, 2021).
On November 22, 2021, the victims, (Redacted), arrive at (redacted) to find the defendant and his vehicle still on the easement to (redacted). (Redacted) exits the vehicle and approaches the residence, located at (redacted) to make contact with the homeowner, regarding Sturgill moving his vehicle. While (redacted) was attempting to make contact, both (redacted) exit the vehicle, where they become engaged in a conversation with the defendant. At some point during the said discussion, the defendant makes the comment “ya’ll aren’t going to come up on me like that”
Before reaching into his truck and retrieving a firearm, which is seen by (redacted), in the front seat of the defendant’s vehicle.
Upon observing the defendant in possession of a firearm, the victim, (redacted), draws his concealed carry firearm, while advising the defendant to put his gun down.
The defendant then moves from the driver’s side door
area towards the rear truck bed area, where three gunshots were heard (by all victims), and muzzle flash seen (by Redacted), The victim, (Redacted), believing that they were being shot at by the defendant, proceeded to fire his weapon (towards the defendant) approximately five times, while creating distance between them by backing up.
The victims (redacted) were in close proximity to where the three gunshots were fired by the
defendant, thus placing them in fear that they were going to be harmed. (Redacted) believing that he
was in imminent danger, due to where he was standing when the shots rang out, froze in place as
he described, while (Redacted) attempted to seek cover nearby.
Once the victim’s learned that the defendant had been shot and observed him on the ground, (Redacted) secured his firearm, and approached the defendant. In fear that the defendant could still have access to his firearm, (Redacted) moved the defendant’s firearm from his reach, and proceeded to render aid while (Redacted) contacted law enforcement.
An FCICINCIC query completed on Daniel Sturgill revealed three prior felony convictions as follows: PCSO
case CF15003627XX for false verification to pawn broker on 07/14/2015, PCS case CF15003627XX for grand theft from dwelling on 07/14/2015, and PCS case 16007870XX for false imprisonment on 01/18/2017.
Based upon the interview(s) and investigation conducted, coupled with the statements obtained from the victims in this incident, I believe probable cause exists to charge the defendant, Daniel Sturgill with four counts of F.S.
784.021(1)(A).Agg Assault Deadly Weapon WO Intent KIll, F.S. 790.23(1)(A)…Possession of Firearm Convicted
Felon, F.S. 790.23(1\A)…..Possession of Ammunition by Convicted Felon, and F.S. 790.15(4). Discharge firearm in residential area.

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