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Free “Stop The Bleed” First Aid Training Clinics for Public & Private School Teachers on June 18

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Free “Stop The Bleed” First Aid Training Clinics for Public & Private School Teachers on June 18

by James Coulter

As recent events in the news have shown, an emergency situation can happen at anywhere and anytime. You might be in a situation where another person’s life are in your hands, and only you can save them from certain death. Do you know what to do to save them?

In-Gauge of Polk County will be conducting free two-hour “Stop The Bleed” first aid training clinics, which will be offered for free to public and private school teachers.

The free clinic, which will be hosted in two separate classes on Sat. 18, will train participants in vital first aid to administer in emergency situations where victims are at-risk of bleeding to death.

Each class will include a 25-minute slideshow presentation providing information about these emergency medical situations, followed by hands-on practice sessions on wound care techniques and the proper application of a tourniquet that will “stop the bleed.”

This event will be hosted in commemoration of 5th Annual National Train-A-Teacher Day, a nationwide initiative, sponsored by The United States Concealed Carry Association, which, according to its website, is dedicated in the mission “to protect kids.”

“This training is applicable to anyone’s individual life,” explained Robert Dummett, lead instructor for In-Gauge of Polk County. “You do not need to have a mass shooting or major automobile accident or catastrophe. It can be as simple as a lawn mower accident in someone’s yard or a shop accident with a power tool.  This training is applicable to anybody’s everyday life and it can make a difference between life or death.”

The event also coincides with In-Guage of Polk County’s involvement with “Stop The Bleed”, a nationwide initiative which helps educate civilians in first aid to provide bleeding control in emergency situations.

“Someone can bleed to death in less than three minutes,” Dummett said. “Average EMS response time nationwide is seven minutes. By the time the truck with the red lights show up at your house or an accident scene, your victim has been dead for four minutes.”

“Hands-on training will give them training on how they can save someone’s life,” he further elucidated. “This whole program is similar to what has been nationally recognized as a CPR program to save someone’s life when they are having a heart attack. This is to save someone’s life when they are bleeding to death.”

Two classes will be hosted on Sat. June 18 at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. respectively at the In-Guage of Polk County facility, located at 3812 Cypress Gardens Rd, Winter Haven, FL 33884. For more information, visit the In-Gauge of Polk County Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/InGaugeofPolkCounty

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