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Grand Opening for PFG Nutrition 

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Grand Opening for PFG Nutrition

by James Coulter

Over the past two years, Iris Perez lost more than 130 pounds. She owes the success of her weight loss to eating healthy. She knows too many people are turned off by “healthy” food, which is why she believes food should taste as good as it is good for you. For that reason, she started her own nutrition club, PFG Nutrition.

Located at 4100 Spirit Lake Road in Winter Haven, PFG (“Prezidental Family Group”) Nutrition offers a diverse menu of tasty yet healthy food options, ranging from smoothies and shakes to acai bowls and protein donuts. Her new business hopes to be, as her website states, a “one-stop shop for delicious treats that are healthy and energizing!”

“We have some amazing healthy options,” Perez said. “It is not just something that is ‘blech!’ because it tastes ‘healthy.’ There are actually healthy options, a better alternative than fast food.”

More than helping people eat healthy and lose weight, PFG also wants to help local business owners build and grow their own businesses. She plans on hosting monthly events at her new venue to allow local entrepreneurs to network and help each other grow their businesses.

Perez has been in the community for many years through PFG. Having helped her own health by losing weight and eating healthy, and having helped other local entrepreneurs and business owners grow their presence and business, she wanted to kill two birds with one stone through her new one-stop shop.

“Honestly, I have been in the community for over a year helping build up other nutrition clubs and I saw the potential and I knew that I could help people as well, so I wanted to do it,” she said. “We loved the community, we loved everything that we saw, and we wanted to do this and to be a part of this as well. So here we are.”

PFG Nutrition celebrated its grand opening last Tuesday with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce. Perez cut the ribbon and popped a cork from a champagne bottle to celebrate the occasion.

“Just the investment you are making into the Winter Haven community and into creating a community is really great,” said Ana Saavedra, Membership & Sponsorship Development Manager.

City Commissioner Brian Yates commended Perez for her new business on behalf of the City of Winter Haven, though he jokingly bemoaned that PFG did not sell magic donuts that made people lose more than ten pounds.

“We wish you all the best of luck and we are here to support you in whatever way that we can, so really congratulations on this location,” he said.

Kay Gray, a Chamber Board Member, likewise commended PFG for opening within the local community and wished them luck on their new endeavor: “We hope that you take advantage of the chamber, dive in with the educational offerings, network with the rest of our members, we have a great business community in Winter Haven.”

PFG Nutrition is located at 4100 Spirit Lake Rd, Winter Haven, FL 33880. For more information, visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/PFGNutrition

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