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Lady Strikes Another Lady In The Head With Beach Chair

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It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Winter Haven Police Department. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. Winter Haven Daily does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to your own conclusion.

Winter Haven Police Department Affidavit:
“On 05/24/2022, at approximately 2111 hours, the defendant (Valeri Hoerler W/F DOB:07/02/1981) struck the victim (redacted) against her will with a folded up beach chair on the temple on the side of her head. At the location of (redacted) Winter Haven, Polk County, FL 33881.

Due to the witness statements of the defendant wielding the chair as a blunt force object and striking the victim in the head, which could have caused great bodily injury or death in the manner that it was wielded and swung.

Per the victim, she was walking out of the softball field towards her vehicle when the defendant stated that her Child was sick due to the victim’s son being sick. The victim told the defendant that her son had a name which was Avery. The victim then stated that the defendant told her to “shut the F (Fuck) up, you stupid whore. I also have a name.” The victim then stated that the defendant continued to state ”Why don’t you come over to my house.”

The victim stated that to the defendant why would she need to come over to her house. She was right here and whatever she needed to say to her, she was right there. The victim stated that the defendant continued to tell her to go to her house, and the victim then asked if that was a threat, which the defendant stated that it promise. The victim stated that while they continued to walk out of the complex, the defendant went toward the victim. The victim then stated that she advised the defendant that whatever she had to say to her at her house, she could have said it here due to them being at the complex together.

The victim then advised that the defendant pushed her in the stomach with both of her hands while another individual was attempting separate the defendant and the victim. The victim advised that she shoved the defendant in return.

The victim stated that the defendant had a hold of her hair when the defendant fell. and the victim attempted multiple times to get free from the defendant’s grasp. The victim then advised me that she struck the defendant in the face in the noise area with a closed fist due to the defendant pulling on her hair.

The victim stated that once that occurred. individuals from the baseball team came nd separated them. The victim stated that once they were separated, (he defendant, through a cuzzy (a can) her direction which, struck her son’s stroller. The victim advised that she continued to walk away, and the defendant then grabbed a folded-up beach chair and attempted to strike the chair, which the defendant did not make contact with. The victim then stated that the defen gand attempted to strike her again with the chair, which then made contact on the victim’s left side of her head in the temple area. The victim did state that when that occurred, she pushed the defendant in which she fell to the ground. It should be noted that the victim did not lose consciousness when the chair struck her.

Miranda was read off of my agency-issued Miranda card, in which the defendant stated that she understood her rights and did not want to speak with Law Enforcement once Miranda was read.

Per Witness (redacted) in which he stated that he observed the defendant get into the victims face. The witness stated that he then observed the defendant shove the victim. The witness stated that he also observed the defendant’s friend attempt to push the defendant away from the victim. The witness stated that they separated again and began to yell at each other and go towards each other. The witness stated that he observed the defendant strike the victim with her fist and then begin to fight again. The witness advises that they are able to separate the two parties for a moment. The witness states that he walked with the victim and observed the defendant swing a chair striking the victim in the head.

Both victim and defendant suffered minor injuries. It should be noted that there were multiple independent witnesses that observed the incident occurred and advised that the defendant was the primary aggressor the entire time during the incident.

A query was conducted through IC/NCIC to verify if the defendant has any prior convictions for battery, and I was advised that the defendant had no prior convictions for a battery.

The defendant is being charged with Aggravated Battery.”

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