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Man Arrested After Pulling Out A Knife And Then Fleeing When Deputies Spot Him Walking Along Median Near Reported Brush Fires

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Polk County Sheriff’s Office

A small brush fire was reported near the Publix store on Spirit Lake Road in the Haven of Winter.

Deputies Turley and Giles arrived and quickly extinguished the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Then a passerby was passing by and informed the deputies that there was another small fire just west of Spirit Lake Road. While Giles put that one out, Turley began looking for the person responsible for starting the fires.

Deputy Turley located a man walking in the median and carrying a backpack. His name was William. When Turley tried to make contact with him, William yelled, “Get away from me” and pulled out a knife and ran away.

A foot chase ensued as both deputies gave chase. William put the knife down, but continued to flee until the deputies caught up to him on Thomas Wood Lane.

William continued to resist, kicking and flailing his arms, but he was eventually handcuffed. While searching his backpack, deputies found a pipe wrench, screw driver, and socket tool.

Deputies soon discovered that William had been pretty active that night.

Another small brush fire had been reported earlier at US 17 & Lake Shipp. Also, two fire hydrants along State Road 540 had their caps removed and were leaking. And two gas valves had been damaged by a blunt object in the same vicinity.

William has been charged with Aggravated Assault on a LEO, Battery on a LEO, Assault on a LEO, Resisting with Violence, Resisting without Violence, Possession of Burglary Tools, Loitering & Prowling, Obstructing Extinguishment of a Fire, Criminal Mischief to Utilities, and Burn Ban violation.


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