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Winter Haven Police Warn Public About Scammer Calling Victims Claiming To Be Chief Brannan

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Winter Haven Police

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The latest scam involves someone calling unsuspecting victims saying they are Chief Brannan from the Winter Haven Police Department. The caller goes on to inform the victim that they have IN FACT won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!
Can we tell you that’s a big fat NO!
These scams generally are followed with the information that in order to collect your winnings, you must send money either by Western Union, MoneyGram, reloadable gift cards etc. These methods are practically impossible to trace and victims most likely will never get their money back.
We do not know of any victims who have followed through yet. Only received word that someone received a phone call.
So remember, Publishers Clearing House will roll up in a van with an entourage (and maybe even Steve Harvey himself!) if you, in fact, won the prize. You most certainly will not receive a phone call from our Chief of Police (or any member for that matter).

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